Tuesday, 25 January 2011

While UK/EU and US citizens are told to live within their means and with cuts or frozen income - UN is raising salaries and perks


Huge salary and perks increases for UN staffers at the begining of 2011. This is the response of Ban Ki Moon and United Nations to current economic crisis. The world tax payers and mostly the US tax payers (who pay 25% of UN's budget) have now to accept (live with) another raise in UN salaries and perks.

The world's house of "humanitarian professionals" those that sworn to protect the poor and eradicate poverty thru out the world, those that call their job a "vocational call" or "higher purpose call", are asking more money and perks to "serve the poor". Their salaries are now 2-3 times higher than those of parliamentarians in US House of Representatives or even EU Parliament.

If you don't believe and want to have a look at current 2011 salary scale CLICK HERE. Ah don't forget that what you see you have to add another 60% in order to come to NET salaries for New York area. By NET we mean - non taxable income.

Unbelievable but true - U.N. pays bonuses and perks for people to be good Humanitarians!

No one in private sector or even banking sector in the US or any Western Economies can afford paying these salaries in these austerity times - but Ban Ki Moon and U.N. can.

Because is your money!


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