Friday, 13 January 2012

How to guide for dummies: Ousting your boss at the United Nations (the sure way)

All United Nations staffers UNITE !

Does your boss abuse his authority and treats you like a piece of SH*T ?
Does your boss abuse his/her Dept funds by hiring personal friends as consultants without proper selection process?
Does your boss have no consideration of you, unless you become his/her tool and or servant as if it was 1800'?
Does your boss think he/she is a king/queen of the Dept, anyone else is "peasant"?

If all or any of the above applies to you, you can have your boss expelled from the United Nations, very easy:

1. Start a signatory complain campaign - where at least 50% + of staffers of that Dept/Branch should sign in;

2. Deposit your claims/complain with Ethics and Ombudsman, let is seats there for 30 days (chances are you wont hear from them) ;

3. After 30 days, bring your claim to the office of OHRM/BoM the desk responsible for your Dept (Secretariat only);

4. Wait for another 30 days, meanwhile initiate individual complains to the highest hierarchical authority in your Dept (Director, Chief or ASG/USG). This will serve the purpose of filling up the file that will be used against your boss later on;

5. After 90 days mark, start sending complains to the Executive Office of USG of your Dept (Make sure you mark your communication - URGENT);

6. In mean time copy all your boss's files, communications and all financial transactions he/she signed off, which you think were against the UN rules and regulations, including the list of all individual consultants he/she hired without proper selection process, it will be handy when you fight the battle later on;

7. Call for staff meeting and demand from management that your boss be expelled from UN (on above grounds) and just use the phrase: "we are afraid to return to work under him/her leadership", "there is fear of retaliation", etc. United Nations can go against 1 or 2 but cannot afford to go against a larger number of staffers thus the easier way is to get your boss out of the way "FAST".


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

United Nations: Abuse of Authority at work place (DESA/DPADM/DMB)

Following the meetings at UN-DESA's flagship division of DPADM, there seem to be a clear case of abuse of authority happening at DMB.

But as usual with Haiyan Qian traveling to China to celebrate Chinese new year, and many at Executive office of Sha Zukang totally disengaged on the matter, it seems that the Mexican (Roberto Villareal) might have a real chance of getting over this with a Note-to-File. The question is what about those staffers who signed the petition, will there be any retaliation against them? Some now say that they are afraid to even continue to work under him since he "is known for being vindictive". So the question is will Haiyan Qian take action before she departs or will all this matter turn into those usual "clan battles" inside DESA, where abuse of authority becomes part of the "managerial charm"?

This is what UN's rules say about abuse of authority at work place:

Abuse of authority is the improper use of a position of influence, power or authority against another person. This is particularly serious when a person uses his or her influence, power or authority to improperly influence the career or employment conditions of another, including, but not limited to, appointment, assignment, contract renewal, performance evaluation or promotion. Abuse of authority may also include conduct that creates a hostile or offensive work environment which includes, but is not limited to, the use of intimidation, threats, blackmail or coercion. (ST/SGB/2008/5)

CV of Villareal:

Mr. Roberto VillarealMr. Roberto Villareal joined the Division for Public Administration & Development Management as the new Chief of the Socio-Economic Development Branch (which will now be known as Development Management Branch) on 22 April. His most recent assignment was with the Division of the Regional Competitiveness and Governance of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), where he served as its head.

Mr. Villareal has served the Federal Government of Mexico for over 20 years, assuming the responsibilities of high level posts in different ministries and in diverse fields of socio-economic development. He previously served as the Undersecretary for Regional and Urban Development and Head Unit Social and Regional Policy, for the Federal Government of Mexico. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Is Elia Yi Armstrong cleaning up the place at DPADM so she can have a D1 served on a silver-plate?

On 20th September 2011 we predicted that Elia Yi Armstrong (on her way out from UNDP) would stir-up the waters and get either John-Mary Kauzya or Roberto Villareal out of their jobs.

Since Sept 2011, we confirmed the fact that Roberto Villareal was having major interpersonal problems with the staff at his Development Management Branch (DMB) of DPADM/DESA.

Well...less than 4 months later, our predictions are coming true, in a major investigation involving UN Ombudsman, Office of USG Sha Zukang and DESA's OHRM, there seem to be more than "issues" between staffers at DMB/DPADM.

Some say this is just an "Italian Job" to get the Mexican (Villareal) out, and plain the way to return of Elia Yi Armstrong (who seem to be more friendly with "the Italians"), others say that this is a failure of Haiyan Qian and DESA's management in first place to detect well in advance that Villareal, even at his previous job in Paris had similar inter-staff "issues", thus his appointment at the helm of DMB/DPADM (without a proper selection process) made things worst at DPADM. Another groups say that Villareal is a hardworking guy who detest "lazy employees who seat and do nothing all day", and thus he expresses his frustration with anger towards those who fail to deliver.

Whatever the option or situation might be, Villareal seem to be headed for a major confrontation.

Let's see what will happen.