Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Speakers at Opening Session for CSD IPM Highlight Linkages with Climate Change

Sha Zukang, Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs23 February 2009: Speakers at the opening session of the Intersessional Preparatory Meeting (IPM) for the 17th session of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD17) highlighted linkages between climate change and CSD17’s thematic cluster of issues: agriculture, Africa, drought, desertification, land and rural development. The IPM is meeting in New York, US, from 23-27 February 2009.

Sha Zukang, Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, stressed the relevance of sustainable development in addressing current global challenges and crises, and called for integrated solutions and addressing climate change. He said the IPM needs to lay the foundation for the CSD’s discussions in May, but also “to demonstrate the relevance of sustainable development to addressing the multiple crises we face,” and to reach a common understanding of the “complex inter-linkages among these thematic areas and with the larger context.”

Tariq Banuri, Director of the Division for Sustainable Development, highlighted climate change as a cross-cutting issue for the session. He noted that “climate change is already affecting water patterns and therefore agricultural productivity, crop failure, food security, economic loss, and livestock death,” while “measures to combat climate change will need to keep the concerns of rural communities, especially the rural poor in mind.” [USG Sha’s Statement] [DSD Director Banuri’s Statement] [UN Press Release]

A fatalist Sha Zukang offers a pessimistic view of global food resources, calls for more CASH for UN, while offering “0” solutions

At a meeting yesterday on sustainable development, an unusual negativist - Sha Zukang, our dear leader, offered a very pessimistic view of the current global food and climate situation. He said that: -"food and financial crises to climate change are threatening global efforts to achieve development that is sustainable, or that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs".

This fatalistic approach is becoming the music of the day for most of liberal democrats and rejoicing the communists and socialists around the world, whom are finally seeing some sign of "failure of capitalism in the US", the same music has become a special tune for United Nations officials who see this as an opportunity to increase UN's budgets and embark into a spree of expenditures to "help the poor".

Those in the audience yesterday could easily understand that Sha Zukang's speech was not his and definitely he himself didn't understand what he was talking about. While he continued to use big words in a UN-ish barr-coded language he continued to make no sense in saying that: - “These multi-dimensional challenges do not have purely economic solutions, nor purely social or environmental ones. They require integrated solutions that combine economic, social and environmental elements,”.

If anyone in the street would hear this speech, first reaction would be what the hell this guy is saying? and second would be of what am I to expect from United Nations and/or Government as a result of this crisis? 

It seems that whoever wrote this speech forgot that since July 2008 the food prices around the world have declined sharply, and that thanks to the slow-down of the oil-prices and to a good harvest in late 2008 - the food availability is definitely not scarce. Sha Zukang continued to say that: -" food prices remain high, following on from last year’s crisis, and the global financial and economic slowdown has exacerbated the situation". Thank god none of DESA's speech writers are Wall-Street brokers otherwise we would have lost trillions - thanks to these ignorance.

But hey stop for a second and think - why would Sha Zukang be so fatalistic? Well he and his boss Ban Ki Moon needs more our tax-payers money to increase their non-transparent budgets and continue on the path of building a "world-government" which hopefully one day command markets and how people should leave (a kind of a global communism).

Dear Sha Zukang this is not China nor South Korea, so go sell your liberal and communist ideas somewhere else. If you really are committed to help the poor, start by overhauling DESA (which you promised 2 years ago) in which you:

  1. Re-organize the current organigramme and align divisions to DESA's core mandates;
  2. Re-organize current Human Resource structure(s) and streamline resources to meet real mandates and provide tangible savings;
  3. Re-direct current resources to the poor by jump-starting programmes that aim for real poverty eradication and assist governments (member states) to affront current crisis better;
  4. Re-assess DESA's current advisory services and retain the best quality advisors and get rid of junk and garbage that is killing our image and derailing needed funds to/for the poor;
  5. Dismantle TCMS and get rid of technical cooperation since there are other parts of the organization who do it better;
Stop with the BS - Mr. Sha, do what you really do best, be yourself, be a good manager...that's what is required of you now.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

DPADM a messy Division that produces only garbage that smells sh... a mile away

someone from DPADM went to Executive Office and placed a sexual harassment complain against one of the male Professionals of the Division. 

The complainant, who has been a nuts case since she was recruited four years ago from Guido Bertucci (illegally), and since than only rated as worst employee of the Division (and still kept on the job illegally), thinks that by raising the case against this Professional-Male will :
  1. Oblige the Organization /Executive Office to extend her for at least the duration of the Internal Investigation (which in case of the UN takes Months or even Years);
  2. Stop the career of this Professional who might be in line for a higher post, and therefore prepare the grounds for a "Bertucci surrogate" to take over that branch instead of this Male candidate (given the pending investigation on a fake sexual harassment case on him);
  3. Oblige the organization to "transfer" her somewhere else, without a proper evaluation of her performance;
The Executive Office (Pelluso) should act now and not allow that this ridiculous, unprofessional, unethical and more important immoral cases continue in DESA/DPADM. We've had enough of Bertucci's surrogates and their strategies to stay and keep their jobs by illegal means. 

This bitch has to get what she deserves from long long ago - get FIRED for not performing and doing her job !!! Every-time a Bertucci surrogate wants to keep her job, they always come up with a sexual harassment case. 

Only at DESA fellows - only at DESA

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Ubaldi out ! while Italian Mafia erases traces

You remember:

-  Catherine Gazzoli, the daughter of Frederick Gazzoli current Chief auditor in OECD in Paris ?
- Catherine Pelluso and Marie Oveissi?

Following the above disclosures, the Italian Mafia inside DESA (no one should be offended in DESA for calling it Italian Mafia), have decided to start moving around its "people" in order not to give "too much image trouble" to Sha Zukang's Administration.

The Result? Barbara Ubaldi's contract has been terminated. She will be leaving DESA before her current contractual term expires. Please join us while we(DPADM) celebrate the early departure of Ms. Ubaldi. 

You are all welcome !!!

Move the UN to Elkhart - and Presto, Jobs ! Jobs ! Jobs !

President Obama picked Elkhart, Indiana to make a townhall-meeting pitch on Monday for the porker of an $800-billion-plusstimulus spending package — his rational being that “Elkhart is a place that has lost jobs faster than anywhere else in America.”

Obama — this is his description, not mine — presented Elkhart as a place of bewildered, helpless people, wandering the ruins of a dying private sector, picking through the debris of tested-and-failed-and-junked capitalism, waiting for the only possible form of salvation to arrive in the form of torrents of government funding for roadworks, extended unemployment insurance, etc… people with “no idea what to do or who to turn to.” So there he was, to save the day.

But even accepting Obama’s vision (in which it is hard to recognize any vestige of America’s pre-change character), there is, for Elkhart, a much better solution:

Move the United Nations to Elkhart!

The UN is on a spending spree that has entailed record-breaking budgets year after year, with expanding programs, reach, and jobs! jobs! jobs! Of course, about one-quarter of those many billions spent by the UN come from U.S. taxpayers, so it’s not as if the UN actually creates wealth. (But neither does the vast bulk of the stimulus spending bill). Like Obama, the UN is mainly in the business of transferring wealth, taking it from the more productive sectors and sinking it into the less productive (including, in substantial part, its own staff). But that’s no reason some of the money shouldn’t be sunk into Elkhart.

Consider: Right now, the UN is busy renovating its midtown Manhattan headquarters at a cost of some $2 billion. American taxpayers are likely to get stuck with that extravagant tab, just as they get stuck with the lion’s share of the bills for the sky-high costs of running the tax-exempt UN in Manhattan. UN personnel grumble constantly about the high cost of living, when not helping themselves to rent-controlled apartments or crowding out New York families for taxpayer-subsidized housing (see Kofi Annan’s old housing arrangements) .

Elkhart, by contrast, is an incredible bargain. There is space, there is parking (no more problems with those tawdry parking tickets) there are rentals galore(for monthly prices that would barely get you a parking space in Manhattan). There are airports. And lest anyone worry about depriving UN-ocrats of their cultural fix, Elkhart — however dire its financial straits — appears to be spending $18 million renovating the local performing arts theater.

Right now the UN is planning on dislocating its headquarters staff in any event, while the high-ticket renovations in Manhattan proceed. For $2 billion, imagine what could be built in Elkhart! Imagine the jobs as the UN gets down to work ordering such delicacies as the shrimp and crab buffet in the Delegates’ Dining Room, with which Sudan recently celebrated taking over the chairmanship of the G-77! Imagine the jobs as orders pour forth from the re-located UN for security, and furnishings, and limousines, and other staff amenities!

This would also solve the current spat over premises for the UN press corps, many of whose members have long enjoyed rent-free facilities at UN headquarters. The UN is now reconsidering that policy, which is drawing protests that some members of the media, especially from poor countries, would not be able to afford offices if they had to pay actual New York rents. Elkhart would solve all that. Manhattan would probably come out ahead as well, with a lot of space freed up for any Americans who might still believe that in the big city there are opportunities for even the reviled private sector to invent, create, and actually produce wealth (and pay taxes) — instead of simply waiting for Obama to arrive with his magic money machine.   

There is the drawback that there’s an even better case to be made for simply moving the UN out of America altogether — say to one of its more natural, spiritual homes, in Caracas, or Tripoli, or Tehran. But in emergencies, there may well be need for compromise. Seriously — why is it treated as reasonable to spend billions buffing up the UN in Manhattan, but unthinkable to do something as obvious as move it lock, stock and bureaucracy, to Elkhart?

Move the UN to Elkhart — and Presto, Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

What nationality is Adriana Alberti's husband?

We have spoken before about Adriana Alberti's attempts to change her real nationality (American born) to Italian in order to profit the UN International Benefits while in New York. 

But the case of Alberti is becoming couriouser and couriouser by the day. People close to Furio De Tomassi's told us a very interesting story:

1. Dec 2002: 

Adriana Alberti flies to Morocco to attend the 4th Global Forum as Governance Expert;

- During the trip she get's married to a Moroccan 7 years younger than her;

2. Jan 2003: 

- This Moroccan fellow is hired from UN-DESA's TCMS (Marie Oveissi / Furio De Tomassi) without any competitive selection process as a Support Staff at the Statistics Office of  UN-DESA;

- At the time eventhough there was a freeze and was not allowed to hire foreign staff at "G" level positions, he comes in as 

 - Position: G3 - temporary 
-  Nationality: Moroccan

3. Jan 2005

this Moroccan goes out of the blue from Moroccan Nationality to United States Citizen and magically he ends up with:

- Position: G4 - fix term
- Nationality: USA

4. Jan 2008

this Moroccan goes even farther. He undertakes the US National Competitive Exam and ends up....guess what?

- Position: P3 - Permanent contract
- Nationality: USA
While many would question the above fast-track career of this Moroccan born, Italian acquired and sworned in US Citizen, we don't have any problem with it, and wish him good luck. 

The question though is raised that how come that Alberti's husband claims to be US Citizen (by marriage with Adriana Alberti) and is registered as US Nationality in the system - - -  while Ms. Alberti denies her legal US Citizenship and register herself as Italian Nationality in the UN  System? 

I bet she had to sworn in and file for her husband at US Immigration and Naturalization Service in order for him to acquire US Citizenship. I bet that, like everyone else, "Mr. Alberti" had to wait for at least 5 long years to get his passport in the mail.

So Adriana Alberti claim her American Nationality only for her husband to get an American Passport to travel around the globe, but when it come to honoring America and the serving America at the United Nations she willingly throws her american Nationality in the garbage for her acquired Italian one - -  just to profit more.

Its ludicrous to have the husband US Citizen ( Moroccan born) and the wife Italian Citizen (US born).

We call Ms. Ahlenius of OIOS to investigate immediately UN-DESA's Human Resources and TCMS before Furio De Tomassi and Marie Oveissi destroy Adriana Alberti's file for ever.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Transparency at United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA)

We are going to continue in the weeks to come to take aim at Sha Zukang's promises in our last town-hall last June 2008.

It is something Sha Zukang has promised and we're holding him to it: TRANSPARENCY. If it's more than an updated slogan or window dressing, Sha Zukang might start by looking at his own management picks.

Latest Chinese appointments in DESA's cupola show the extend of transparency, ethics and professionalism we are about to expect from the new gang in town.

We thought we had enough of Italian mafia with Civili / Bertucci / De Tomassi / Pelluso and other 216 Italians floating around DESAs books. but it seems that the greed of our managers is really unlimited. What is unraveling inside DESA/DPADM as well as in other divisions show that those who took charge of DESA have no intention whatsoever nor the commitment to DESA's provision of quality advise and support to member states. 

With the appointment of Haiyan Qian to replace Guido Bertucci, we witnessed a clear non-transparent and determined will of Chinese Mafia and politics to pass over the objective, qualities and most importantly the need to restructure DESA's primacy in Public Administration.  Sha Zukang's choice couldn't be more off-target. This shows that we will continue with Business as usual. 

Is Haiyan Qian the best China could give to International Community ? How would you even consider having Haiyan and current Director of UNDP's Governance Unit (Moleketti) in same room speaking about the Public Administration ? 

Now we can all predict how all this will play off.