Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Transparency at United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA)

We are going to continue in the weeks to come to take aim at Sha Zukang's promises in our last town-hall last June 2008.

It is something Sha Zukang has promised and we're holding him to it: TRANSPARENCY. If it's more than an updated slogan or window dressing, Sha Zukang might start by looking at his own management picks.

Latest Chinese appointments in DESA's cupola show the extend of transparency, ethics and professionalism we are about to expect from the new gang in town.

We thought we had enough of Italian mafia with Civili / Bertucci / De Tomassi / Pelluso and other 216 Italians floating around DESAs books. but it seems that the greed of our managers is really unlimited. What is unraveling inside DESA/DPADM as well as in other divisions show that those who took charge of DESA have no intention whatsoever nor the commitment to DESA's provision of quality advise and support to member states. 

With the appointment of Haiyan Qian to replace Guido Bertucci, we witnessed a clear non-transparent and determined will of Chinese Mafia and politics to pass over the objective, qualities and most importantly the need to restructure DESA's primacy in Public Administration.  Sha Zukang's choice couldn't be more off-target. This shows that we will continue with Business as usual. 

Is Haiyan Qian the best China could give to International Community ? How would you even consider having Haiyan and current Director of UNDP's Governance Unit (Moleketti) in same room speaking about the Public Administration ? 

Now we can all predict how all this will play off. 

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