Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Would the return of Elia Yi Armstrong create shake-up at DPADM's Organigramme?

The South Korean Ms. Elia Yi Armstrong will be returning to DPADM at the beginning of 2012. This creates a major problem for Ms. Haiyan Qian (Director of DPADM), because while on the DPADM organigramme Ms. Armstrong is a P5, she currently seats on D1 position at UNDP (on-loan) as Director of UNDP's Ethics Office.

The return of Ms. Yi Armstrong, poses some very challenging decisions for Sha Zukang and Ms. Qian, and we are told that the following are the options being discussed:

1. Mr. John Mary Kauzya
Chief of Public administration Capacity Branch (PACB)
Since 2002 (10 years)

**we are told that Ms. Yi Armstrong' desire is to have the post of Mr. Kauzya, since this one has been occupied for more than 10 years from him and is "about time for him to move elsewhere or comply with mobility rules". For this, parallel moves have been offered to Mr. Kauzya, which seem to have not satisfied him so far.

***another voice at 23 floor said that given that Mr. Kauzya is among "the very few Africans" at DESA, he might be the only viable candidate to replace Ms. Haiyan Qian, in which scenario the landing of Ms. Elia Yi Armstrong at DPADM as Chief of PACB would be a smooth one, without causing other "un-necessary collateral damages".

2. Mr. Roberto Villareal
Chief Development Management Branch (DMB)

**we are also told that the other option that Ms Qian is considering could be to remove Mr. Villareal from current job, given some inter-personal problems with its staff, and offer him smth with the Regional Commission of Latin America (ECLAC) or in case he rejects it, move him laterally to another post within DESA, far from DPADM. We are told this option is seen as the most viable one, given some recent confrontation between Ms. Qian and Mr. Villareal who had warrant the attention of USG - Sha Zukang to "solve" the matter.

All the above is being done in a climate of total secrecy, and seem that even this time there will be no need for an "open process of selection".

Only at United Nations...!

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