Friday, 13 January 2012

How to guide for dummies: Ousting your boss at the United Nations (the sure way)

All United Nations staffers UNITE !

Does your boss abuse his authority and treats you like a piece of SH*T ?
Does your boss abuse his/her Dept funds by hiring personal friends as consultants without proper selection process?
Does your boss have no consideration of you, unless you become his/her tool and or servant as if it was 1800'?
Does your boss think he/she is a king/queen of the Dept, anyone else is "peasant"?

If all or any of the above applies to you, you can have your boss expelled from the United Nations, very easy:

1. Start a signatory complain campaign - where at least 50% + of staffers of that Dept/Branch should sign in;

2. Deposit your claims/complain with Ethics and Ombudsman, let is seats there for 30 days (chances are you wont hear from them) ;

3. After 30 days, bring your claim to the office of OHRM/BoM the desk responsible for your Dept (Secretariat only);

4. Wait for another 30 days, meanwhile initiate individual complains to the highest hierarchical authority in your Dept (Director, Chief or ASG/USG). This will serve the purpose of filling up the file that will be used against your boss later on;

5. After 90 days mark, start sending complains to the Executive Office of USG of your Dept (Make sure you mark your communication - URGENT);

6. In mean time copy all your boss's files, communications and all financial transactions he/she signed off, which you think were against the UN rules and regulations, including the list of all individual consultants he/she hired without proper selection process, it will be handy when you fight the battle later on;

7. Call for staff meeting and demand from management that your boss be expelled from UN (on above grounds) and just use the phrase: "we are afraid to return to work under him/her leadership", "there is fear of retaliation", etc. United Nations can go against 1 or 2 but cannot afford to go against a larger number of staffers thus the easier way is to get your boss out of the way "FAST".


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