Monday, 9 January 2012

Is Elia Yi Armstrong cleaning up the place at DPADM so she can have a D1 served on a silver-plate?

On 20th September 2011 we predicted that Elia Yi Armstrong (on her way out from UNDP) would stir-up the waters and get either John-Mary Kauzya or Roberto Villareal out of their jobs.

Since Sept 2011, we confirmed the fact that Roberto Villareal was having major interpersonal problems with the staff at his Development Management Branch (DMB) of DPADM/DESA.

Well...less than 4 months later, our predictions are coming true, in a major investigation involving UN Ombudsman, Office of USG Sha Zukang and DESA's OHRM, there seem to be more than "issues" between staffers at DMB/DPADM.

Some say this is just an "Italian Job" to get the Mexican (Villareal) out, and plain the way to return of Elia Yi Armstrong (who seem to be more friendly with "the Italians"), others say that this is a failure of Haiyan Qian and DESA's management in first place to detect well in advance that Villareal, even at his previous job in Paris had similar inter-staff "issues", thus his appointment at the helm of DMB/DPADM (without a proper selection process) made things worst at DPADM. Another groups say that Villareal is a hardworking guy who detest "lazy employees who seat and do nothing all day", and thus he expresses his frustration with anger towards those who fail to deliver.

Whatever the option or situation might be, Villareal seem to be headed for a major confrontation.

Let's see what will happen.


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