Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Sweden: New Book Criticize UN Secretary-General

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UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon is once again the target of harsh criticism – this time in the book “Mr. Chance.” The book was presented at a seminar in Stockholm, Sweden last week. Based on a report by the former United Nations Under- Secretary-General for the Office of Internal Oversight Services, the OIOS, Inga-Britt Ahlenius, the book refers to Ban ki-Moon as Mr. Chance.

[Inga-Britt Ahlenius, Former Under-Secretary-General, OIOS]:
"As I wrote in my report, "Mr Secretary-General, it seems like you have not really assumed the role as Chief Administrative Officer but you see yourself as a head of state who walks the red carpets and who gives speeches others have written."

Inga Britt Ahlenius was considered to be in the top three in the UN hierarchy.She quit the OIOS in July. In her end report she criticizes Ban Ki-Moon for causing the UN to fall apart. Ahlenius co-authored “Mr Chance” with Journalist Niklas Ekdal.

[Niklas Ekdal, Journalist & Co-Author, Mr. Chance]:
“At least in Sweden people are very eager on how we can make the United Nations work in a better way. So far so good, but obviously the secretary general himself and the staff are probably not very happy about this because it is sharp criticism and that that was already phrased that Inga-Britt Ahlenius left to the secretary general in 2010 so this is like a broadening of that story or deepening of that criticism that she put directly to the secretary general.”

Ban Ki-Moon will end his first term at the end of this year but he hasn’t yet announced if he will run for re-election.

[Inga-Britt Ahlenius, Former Under-Secretary-General, OIOS]: "If my report, which is read and known by all in the secretariat ... becomes widely known, I think it would be pretty embarrassing if he was re-elected. Because that would show that the superpowers could not care less whether the U.N. is a relevant organization or not."

Ban Ki-Moon said on the criticism at last week’s press conference was based on “unfounded allegations.”

NTD News, Stockholm, Sweden


Anonymous said...

nice of her to come forward - by why so late ? why she didn't had the courage to say all those things openly, in the name of transparency, to Ban Ki Moon and the public while in office? Why she didn't confront him and inform the member states by using fora's such as the General Assembly or other members committees?

Anonymous said...

she seem a grate lady hopefully will inject a sense of change into the organization. but what she need now is to campaign with nordic countries and have them oppose Ban's candidature.

Anonymous said...

nordic vote doesnt count. G77 counts. Ban is almost reelected, because the big 5 don't care about the Un right now and for them is better a "quite" and "non-existent Ban" than someone that might "shake'up the agenda".

Anonymous said...

Ahlenius continuing "support" for Bob Appleton looks very suspicious. Was a deal among them?

Anonymous said...

this auto publicity is good so she can sell more books and "cash-in" on her UN experience. While her legacy at the helm of OIOS is quite controversial and if we look at her reports they are all inconclusive and some very controversial without proper findings that have created quite a problem for the organization. Ahlenius in all those years as Head Auditor and Investigator failed to institutionalize a culture of accountability and transparency and was quite ineffective to fight corruption or point fingers and bring even one(1) UN official to justice. Under her no High Official was held responsible for corruption. Always small fish. She's a total fake! I agree with SG on this.

Anonymous said...

i agree it's a shame that UN official's with such power-positions as Ahlenius, who were totally free to speak their minds, out of the blue find the courage to speak out only when they are out or "left out". UN cannot change with whistleblowers, it rather need courageous leaders who'll have the balls and determination to make changes and speak their mind. Who was Ahlenius, a Swede, was afraid from ? A Korean? Common... non sense.

Anonymous said...

Human rights Watch says Ban is a coward. I agree. But what Ahlenius did wasn't that different either!

Anonymous said...

Ahlenius should either put up or shut up! she seats on an enormous amount of internal documents and OIOS Investigative reports. If she really cares about the UN's future, than why she doesn't make public all OIOS files and investigations that took place under her leadership? Let the UN staff and member states decide for themselves. This back-stubing is not ethical.