Saturday, 8 January 2011

U.N. DESA's short-term Consultants numbers skyrocket to 2181 - no reports or other paperwork found

Another scandal in UN- DESA is about to blow to unpredictable proportions. The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, by the end of December 2010 had hired 2181 Consultants and short-term experts. This means that U.N. DESA had more consultants than staffers.

But the problem is not only that, the issue seem to be that all these "consultants/experts" have:

No paperwork;
No competitive selection;
No final reports; and
No evaluations whatsoever.

Each of this consultancies varies from $350 - $750 dollars per working day only for fees, while those coming from abroad to work in New York City will receive an additional $300-$500 dollars per day for DSA (per diem).

What's important to bring to public attention is that almost 80% of these consultants are :

- without a background check;
- no education or post-educational references;
- many are not even members of any world recognized institution or body;

The funny part of these business is that if anyone would run a simple check on many of these so called consultants/experts on Google or any-other engine most of the time will come up EMPTY with no references at all.

So we would like to ask how come a world top "expert" who earns $750 per day has not Google hits?

The member states and donors should look into the "consultants" business which is one of the main ways for top-corrupt-managers to divert money away from the U.N. we are sure that you will find plenty of daughters, sisters, wife, husbands, boyfriends and gay-friends hired thru this nontransparent mechanism.

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