Friday, 14 January 2011

A branch-chief in UN-DESA doesn't speak english - continue to exercise duties thru a secretary translation


in UN-DESA the ridicules and falsity of internal Human Resource policies and management have dictated that a Branch Chief (D1) in a prominent Division continue to exercise the Chief's role thru hand-notes and emails written in english from a secretary, because this Chief cannot speak and neither write in official english. Nor the Chief can write in any other official UN language that would have somehow excuse the Chief from the handicap in English.

The Chief who was hired thru a completely non-transparent process and was brought into the department from outside the system (forced in), has resulted in a total failure of the branch to the point that the whole branch is now at a stand still and does not now how to function. The only thing this Chief care is the 2(two) cellphones - which the Chief uses all day to send SMS and emails. One wander in what language they are.

The situation is so laughable that staff has to speak to the secretary to get anything done.

At least, the minimum this Chief should do is pay some extra overtime for the secretary who is "de-facto" servicing as Chief. As a matter of fact a 25% increase would do. Or since its UN's money let's go crazy - make it a 35% increase, no one will notice.

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