Friday, 7 January 2011

Ban Ki moon's stealth reelection campaign

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In another sign of Ban Ki moon's intent to run for a second term as U.N. Secretary General, the U.N. chief's allies have sought to douse public speculation in his native South Korea that he may consider a run for president there in 2012.Former South Korean Prime Minister, Han Seung-soo, a close ally of Ban, told Yonhap News agency that recent opinion polls including Ban as a potential presidential candidate may harm his reelection campaign at the United Nations. "It is our duty to free Secretay General Ban from domestic politics so he can serve the world," said Han. "Repeated mentions of his name in domestic politics would be disadvantageous for him as he performs his role as the U.N. secretary general."The Korea Herald contended that Ban has "expressed displeasure" over media surveys listing him as a presidential aspirant. "It was extremely unfortunate that he was named as a presidential contender in opinon polls despite having repeatedly said that he has no intention to run in the presidential elections," the Herald quoted a top U.N. official saying last week.Ban's five year term expires at the end of 2011. In his year end press conference last month, Ban declined to declare his intention, saying he would do so soon. But Ban has been sending strong hints that he has every intention of doing so. So, what's he waiting for? Follow me on Twitter @columlynch

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