Monday, 9 April 2012

As predicted since 20th Sept 2011 - the plan to remove Roberto Villareal and replace him with Elia Yi Armstrong (South Korean) - was a successful one

Elia Yi Armstrong
(South Korean)


Chief of Branch
Socio-Economic Development Branch
Division for Public Administration & Development Management

The pianist, Elia Yi Armstrong, (see her CV) has finally worked out the plan to fire Roberto Villareal and position herself as the newest D1 at DPADM.

Yes, despite her current term at UNDP as Ethics Officer will end at the end of June 2012 (as per contract) Haiyan Qian, has selected thru a competitive process (check here to see process) Elia Yi Armstrong, who has a BA in Piano and a Master of 9 months from London Schools of Economics (despite her CV shows she was working in Chicago at the time she was supposedly studying for her full-time Master in London).

Well...good luck to Roberto Villareal, who was "demoted" for lack of managerial skills and removed from his job, in a well coordinated plan - which started already 12 months ago.

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Anonymous said...

You should report further intrigues elsewhere in DESA. In DSPD, the new Italian Director Daniela Bas is so unqualified for the job that she has hired her ex-boss John Mathieson - a UN retiree - to run her office for her. This person is being given authority to decide on policy issues and over-riding regular staff, including D-1s.