Monday, 21 February 2011

"Intolerable" inaction against neo-Nazis

Linz - Political parties and organizations issued a statement on Monday condemning the failure by justice authorities to act against neo-Nazi and right-wing radical groups.

Nothing was happening in important proceedings against presumed neo-Nazis, said the Social Democrats (SP), Greens, Communist Party (KP), Trade Union Federation (OeGB), anti-fascist network ("Antifa"), and Jewish Communities in Upper Austria province.

They pointed out that in August 2009, the groupings "National People's Party" (NVP) and "Die Bunten" had been barred from Upper Austrian local and provincial elections, and complaints to police filed against them for Nazi revivalism.

There was overwhelming evidence, said the Mauthausen Committee, which represents survivors of the notorious Nazi concentration camp near the city of Linz - "from photos with the Hitler salute and Nazi T-shirts, to a party program which is partly copied from an SS text".

In view of all this, the justice authorities were "intolerably lax", charged committee chairman Willi Mernyi. Antifa spokesman Robert Eiter added that it was a particularly crass example of failure to act by the authorities.

SP manager in Upper Austria, Christian Horner, said the constitutional court had already a long time ago confirmed the bans on the two organizations taking part in the elections.

There was "massive evidence" against both. But the NVP continued to spread its pro-Nazi views, and "Bunten" head Ludwig Reinthaler was still sending out right-wing extremist pamphlets.

He called on conservative People's Party (VP) justice minister Claudia Bandion-Ortner to finally see that the state prosecuting authorities in Upper Austria achieved results.

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