Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Whistleblower: The movie the U.N. would prefer you didn't see - Video

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon traveled to Hollywood last year to cajole filmmakers and movie stars into making pictures that portray the U.N.'s good works. The Whistleblower, a scathing full-length account of the U.N. peacekeeping effort in Bosnia during the late 1990s, is not what he had in mind.
The Samuel Goldwyn Films movie, which is due out in theaters in Los Angeles and New York on Aug. 5, stars British actress Rachel Weisz as a U.N. policewoman who stumbles into the sordid world of Balkan sex trafficking and finds her fellow U.N. peacekeepers implicated in the trade.

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Anonymous said...

Ban Ki-moon disbanded the procurement task force that successfully uncovered corruption in the UN. And now he wants Hollywood to produce a film about the good work that the UN is doing! As a UN whistleblower myself I have seen how little the UN does to protect whistleblowers and how it engages in massive cover-ups to discredit the whistlblower. This film should be shown at the UN General Assembly and Security Council, plus at all UN offices around the world.