Wednesday, 29 December 2010

UN-DESA and Ban Ki-moon Spokesperson lies about the status of IDs for IIMSAM

After the statement of the Spokesperson of Ban Ki-moon on the noon briefing (23 Dec) about IIMSAM and issuing of IDs for their representatives:

Question: Okay. The other one is, I’m sorry, I had asked you yesterday about this, I was just following up on something Jonathan had asked about this NGO [non-governmental organization], IIMSAM [Intergovernmental Institution for the Use of Micro-Algae Spirulina Against Malnutrition], and you had said that no passes were given to the individuals associated with it. So I became aware of that at least the best known of the IIMSAM people was this guy, Mr. Maradona, this comes off Ambassador Maradona. So, I just want to get to the bottom of it. Have you heard any more, because there is a picture that exists of him with a D pass and some are saying that… what is the status? Can you find out, what type of a pass does Mr. Maradona have, because he clearly worked for an NGO and had a diplomat’s pass?

Acting Deputy Spokesperson: Well, I can’t speak to Mr. Maradona, but like I said, regarding IIMSAM, we didn’t have any grounds passes issued for them specifically. And that’s where stand on that right now.

Question: How can an NGO be accredited to ECOSOC [Economic and Social Council] but has no people that can enter the building? It seems kind of contradictory, that’s… what’s the point of being accredited?

Acting Deputy Spokesperson: No, the explanation I gave, the explanation yesterday, is that no grounds passes have been issued to the representatives of IIMSAM, as no person has been able to confirm that they are the authorized representatives of the organization.

Question: So, does it just remain accredited but with no representative?

Acting Deputy Spokesperson: Like I said, that’s the information I have on this.
The Reform UN-DESA is publishing here the photo ID of the Head of IIMSAM which is a diplomatic ID issued to IIMSAM's Maradona as Head of a Diplomatic Delegation.

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