Thursday, 2 December 2010

Sha Zukang 84 intercontinental travels mount to 672,000 Miles

Our dear leader Sha Zukang, has accumulated close to 672,000 Miles (Airline miles) in his past 84 inter-continental trips.

If Mr. Sha would return those miles for UN-DESA usage it could offset :

6 - Business Class Inter-continental tickets (~ $35,000)


52 - inter-regional or within US tickets (~$24,523)

or he can keep them for himself as a bonus for his great leadership and achievements at the helm of UN-DESA in the past three years, on top of this quarter million dollar yearly salary (Net of any Taxes).

Meanwhile in the next few days REFORM DESA will publish a database of the travel and accumulated miles of each DESA Division Director. Let the world judge the ethics of this high level officials and how they profit from their public positions at the United Nations with taxpayers dollars.

Here is DESA's chart.

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