Wednesday, 14 January 2009

OIOS Risk Assessment Report on UN-DESA

On June 10th 2008, the Internal Audit Division of the Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) of the UN Secretariat reported to Sha Zukang with a detailed report on management risks at DESA. (Click on the picture)
Dagfinn Knutsen, Director of Internal Audit sent the report (Audit File# 08-01411 and Assignment Nr# AN2007/540/01) to DESA's USG asking Mr. Zukang to properly evaluate and take into account the risk assessment of DESA and ensure that appropriate risk mitigation measures are in place.

Our blog wanted to post the attached Audit already back in July, but we thought that by giving some times to Sha Zukang he would have done the right thing. Well - as ll know he failed miserably to do the right thing, and his administration has resulted as corrupt and colluded as those of Desai and Ocampo.

We ask DESA staff to read the report, learn from it and ask explanations from your supervisors as to what have they done so far to implement the report.

We will continue to bring to you the entire internal-secret reviews, audits and management decisions on DESA. Only by making it transparent and public our mistakes we will be able to eradicate once and for all the internal corruption of Catherine Pelluso, Marie Oveissi, Furio De Tomassi, Guido Bertucci, Elia Armstrong, and many others (soon to come).

Enjoy it....

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