Saturday, 10 January 2009

Eight months to appoint replacements for D2 (DPADM) and D1 (SEGMB)

the process of replacing Gudio Bertucci the former D2-Director of DPADM and Adil Khan the outgoing D1-Chief of SEGMB, has been anything but transparent and accountable. 

In the case of D1-Chief of SEGMB, since the beginning the process has been tainted with mismanagement of applications and proper shortlisting. Sources very familiar with the Executive Office of Sha Zukang tell us that until recently the panel had to interview and review "late comers" to the process, who have been entering thru the "back-door" and were not shortlisted with the first pile of applicants back in July-August 2008. 

Sources very familiar to the process say that until late October at least 4 shortlisted candidates were still standing and were presented to Sha Zukang. But that list suddenly changed a week before USG's departure to Doha with the addition of another "extra one", and soon after removal of two.

"Justice delayed is justice denied" says a person familiar with OHRM rules and regulations. The source says that such delays only prove the inability, unprofessionalism and unethical behavior of DESA's current management, thus allowing major doubts over the entire process. 

If Sha Zukang, Rob Vos and Hayian Qian would have followed the rules of the game, they should have re-advertised by now twice the post, for failure to find qualified applicants to fit the job in the first bunch. But keeping and holding for 8 months same initial bunch of applicants and adding to the group without proper screening process it only adds up to the already bad image of the Department. 

The source says that whatever decision the Panel took again "very recently" it would be better if they publish now the whole list of applicants and transparently explain their choice and ratings. Otherwise many at Executive Office have seen the correspondence between the Panel-USG-OHRM-CRB-USG, and if those exchanges out to be made public, it might result into another blow for DESA's management as well as to another "tainted post" which would soon after may become disputed and subject to OIOS further investigations. 

While other UN funds and programmes have increased enormously their transparency and becoming more and more accountable, DESA continues to run as a 1800' - feudal organization. How can you expect member states to trust the Economic and Social Affairs Department of the UN, when we never follow what we preach to others?

Your reputation is at stake here Mr. Zukang as well as that of your two ASGs. How ethically and transparently you will handle the replacement of Guido Bertucci and Adil Khan (and some others) will affect our trust in you.

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