Friday, 9 January 2009

Latest rumors on Replacement of Adil Khan (SEGMB)

after eight months of a prolonged and secretly held vacancy announcement, shortlisting and selection process (which took 5 months) for replacement of Chief of SEGM Branch of DPADM in DESA, and which process led to the temporary appointment of Jay De Vera's as Chief of SEGMB (only so he could retire at D1 salary) -  a confidential source reports that the decision about the replacement of Adil Khan as Chief of SEGMB has been made. His replacement will allegedly be a Mexican - an outsider. 

Rob Vos, who apparently chaired the interview panel, reportedly is notorious for favouring appointments of "university" type persons and former research associates. Staff of DPAD says that: "He is still totally clueless about the low value of "academic" qualifications for the work of the UN". Since joining DESA he has demoralized his staff in DPAD by running his Division like a University Faculty. Staff of DPAD complain also that there is zero weight given to experience in the UN and past contributions to DESA, nor to management experience and expertise. 

Same source report that under Mr. Vos chairmanship of the selection panel, he insisted that not one internal DESA candidate was considered capable of managing SEGMB. Sources say that allegedly the only other candidate who received highest recommendations was a fellow countryman of Mr Vos. While same source says that two internal candidates from DESA were dropped at last minute in favor of the external ones. 

Enough said. Mr Sha maybe doesn't know that as matter of policy all selection panels are required to recommend at least one internal candidate for each senior position to be filled.

This requirement will ensure that Mr Sha is afforded the opportunity to select an internal candidate if he so wishes. The game of eliminating all internal candidates to ensure free passage for the favoured external candidate must be stopped. 

If the above would be true it would be a real hypocrisy. It would be inconceivable that not ONE single DESA staff is deemed qualified to fill this particular position. Or maybe this is a new policy to bring in Koreans, Chinese and/or other "preferred" nationalities.

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