Sunday, 3 June 2012

US Tax Dollars Funding Palestinian Corruption?

... Rep. Louie Gohmert wants answers from the State Department and the Palestinian Authority.
"In one of our meetings in the West Bank, I said, 'Look, do you understand that when you're not spending the billions of dollars that you've received from countries, particularly the United States, to provide homes for your own people, who are homeless -- how do you expect us to keep funding you?'" Gohmert said.
Gohmert says the money fuels the conflict.
"You know, it really looks like when you squander money and don't help the homeless have homes, that you are trying to keep this hatred, keep this anger going so that the feud keeps going," Gohmert noted.
"Why should we fund that? Well the answer is, 'we shouldn't,' he concluded.
So far, the Obama administration seems silent on the issue.

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