Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Chinese and Haiyan Qian's role in "UN's internet power grab" role - (why is UN-DESA/DPADM building databases with info from every country - when is NOT mandated to do so?) Who is the final recipient of these data ...?

The U.N.'s Internet Power Grab
Leaked documents show a real threat to the international flow of information.
... These are weak responses even by Obama administration standards. Ever since the pre-Internet era of the 1970s, authoritarian regimes have sought to use the U.N. to establish an "information world order" based on government control, not open flows of information. The U.S. learned during the Cold War that the only way to stop U.N. meddling is to wield a big stick. Washington had to leave Unesco when it played the kind of dangerous game the ITU has now chosen.
It may be hard for the billions of Web users or the optimists of Silicon Valley to believe that an obscure agency of the U.N. can threaten their Internet, but authoritarian regimes are busy lobbying a majority of the U.N. members to vote their way. The leaked documents disclose a U.S. side that has hardly begun to fight back. That's no way to win this war.

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