Wednesday, 23 May 2012

United Nations is now GREEN (uses taxpayers money to pay for Carbon Certificates it stamps itself)

UN Greening the Blue Announces UN Headquarters Now Powered by Renewable Energy
Greening the Blue has announced that the UN Headquarters building in New York, the US, is to be powered by renewable energy. The UN has purchased Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), a tradable certificate issued when electricity is generated and delivered to the grid from a qualifying renewable energy source.
According to Greening the Blue, from now on, carbon emissions from electricity use on the main UN campus will be zero, and cost only 1% more than conventional, or “brown energy.” The UN is also on track to reduce energy consumption by 50% following renovation of the Secretariat building, and has a full-time sustainability advisor for its New York headquarters.  [UN Greening the Blue Press Release]

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