Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Peter Yeo: What Voters Want: A Strong US-UN Relationship

These days, it is becoming increasingly clear that voters don't agree on much. So when a whopping 83 percent of polled Republicans, Democrats and Independents are together on the same page of an issue, it stands out as more than simply a consensus -- it's a mandate.
A new poll released today by the United Nations Foundation and its sister organization, the Better World Campaign, finds that more than eight in 10 voters want the United States to maintain an active role in the United Nations. What's more, more than nine in 10 voters say it is important for the U.S. to maintain an active role in the World Health Organization -- the coordinating authority for health within the United Nations -- particularly in efforts to track and control the spread of disease and improve women's health.
There are a myriad of good reasons for this fervent agreement, but ultimately it boils down to creating a safer, healthier world for our children. Let us consider just a few examples of how a strong U.S.-U.N. relationship facilitates that goal.

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