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Bloated UNIDO alienates friends: Agency's donors head for the door. & Students Uncover China Nuke Tunnels – Video

“Sesame Street” went on the air in Afghanistan. How can they have "Sesame Street" in a country that doesn't have streets?
Let this be a warning to nations around the world, engage in a war with us and we will invade your country and provide you with quality children's programming. - Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Students Uncover China Nuke Tunnels – Video
UN activates Index Number 19653: Aung San Suu Kyi demands expansion of UNDP Programmes in Myanmar – Photo
Tooting our own horn: GenevaLunch editor wins “Unsung hero” award
GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – GenevaLunch editor Ellen Wallace was named “Unsung hero” by the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce at its first Business Awards Wednesday 30 November in Geneva for her work in developing an online news source in English for the Lake Geneva region and Switzerland. GenevaLunch, staffed by volunteers, will soon hit the 3 million pages viewed mark, with 1 million of those in 2011.
Anglo-German Pullout Casts Shadow Over UNIDO
... The 30-year old organisation's relevance to the present day world, changing priorities and a financial crisis were cited as reasons three weeks ago when Germany said it intend to pull out.
Arguing for a German pull out, Carl-Dieter Spranger, the minister for economic cooperation and development, said UNIDO has no longer any role to play as governments are reducing their own roles in industrial development and allowing the private sector to play to take the lead.
Besides, he also questioned the organisation's willingness to introduce reforms. Spranger said Germany, the second largest donor after Japan at present, would like to withdraw end of next year...
U.N. Agency That Deals With ‘Green Energy’ and ‘Green Industry’ Loses Another Major Funder
( – A Vienna-based United Nations agency is pondering how to get by without one of its biggest donors, following a recent British government decision to withdraw from an organization which it said was ineffective and poorly run.
Bloated UNIDO alienates friends: Agency's donors head for the door.
While member states mull how to streamline and prioritize the work of the United Nations, individual countries have forced at least one harshly criticized U.N. agency to undergo a radical reform, possibly putting it out of business.
Syrian Minister of Industry: Sanctions against Syria Will Negatively Affect Syrian Citizens
VIENNA, (SANA) – The Syrian Minister of Industry, Adnan Slakho, on Wednesday said that the sanctions against Syria will negatively affect the interests and the living conditions of the majority of the Syrian workers and citizens.
Speaking at the 14th session of the General Conference of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in the Austrian capital, Vienna, Slakho said that the Syrian people will foil the conspiracy against their country thanks to their determination, national unity and rallying around President Bashar al-Assad despite all misleading media campaigns and some countries' support of terrorism and armed groups against Syria.
The Minister reviewed the standing cooperation between the UNIDO and Syria, hoping that the next stage will contribute to implementing the economic reform program and developing industry in Syria.
The use and effects of payment of allowances when attending meetings, seminars etc.
This has come into focus in recent years, but there is reason to believe that the documentation is limited. It might be interesting to look into this in more detail, deciding whether it is a problem and if so, how big an issue it is. This can be done by mapping the available documentation in the form of a synthesis study, and then possibly conducting a couple of country-specific studies. Chr. Michelsens Institute (CMI) will execute the study.

Timeplan: Final report November 2011
Responsible: Eirik G. jansen
* (170 KB)
How India squanders British aid: We give £1.4bn to a country that has its own space programme. In this damning investigation, the Mail reveals how it's scandalously wasted
... I visited a small maternity clinic in busy Bhopal. It has five beds, although it caters for 250,000 people. The operating theatre on the first floor has a new anaesthesia machine which is still in its plastic cover, the instructions in an unopened manual. The theatre bed is unused. Not one child has been delivered here since it was opened a few years ago...
Fiat Money in Crisis
The printing press has become politicians' last tool to project the mirage of sustainability and solvency.
Is Modern Capitalism Sustainable?
Kenneth Rogoff
... Will capitalism be a victim of its own success in producing massive wealth? For now, as fashionable as the topic of capitalism’s demise might be, the possibility seems remote. Nevertheless, as pollution, financial instability, health problems, and inequality continue to grow, and as political systems remain paralyzed, capitalism’s future might not seem so secure in a few decades as it seems now.
Kenneth Rogoff is Professor of Economics and Public Policy at Harvard University, and was formerly chief economist at the IMF..
Workers of the Western world
... Milanovic, a World Bank economist who earned his doctorate in his native Yugoslavia, has an intuitively international frame of reference. Both qualities are in evidence in “Global Inequality: From Class to Location, From Proletarians to Migrants,” a working paper released this autumn by the World Bank Development Research Group...
Do giant oil field discoveries fuel internal armed conflicts?
Do natural resource windfalls, such as those arising from the discovery of giant oil fields, increase the risk of internal armed conflict? This column argues that giant oil field discoveries, which are largely down to chance, significantly increase the incidence of conflict. This is especially so in countries with recent histories of political violence, where locals may have little to gain from such discoveries.

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