Monday, 1 November 2010


Feliz Kanayo Nwanze

Feliz Kanayo Nwanze

Insider Newsdesk

ROME — Italy has decided to stop paying for IFAD’s yearly Governing Council meeting in protest at the U.N. agency president Kanayo Nwanze’s disproportionate personal spending including rental of a luxurious villa on Rome’s swank Appia Antica, senior U.N. sources said.

The issue of the Nigerian anti-poverty czar’s expenses has been placed on the agenda of next year’s IFAD Governing Council including a motion to re-establish the Emoluments Committee that reviews his salary and benefits, the sources added.

“The Italians are furious,” one source told Italian Insider, “This is a real insult to Nwanze, but he doesn’t get it.”

IFAD’s Executive Board has raised the issue of Nwanze’s spending repeatedly but the president’s “inner circle” have not apprised the EB of the full extent of his personal expenditure, said the sources, speaking on condition of anonymity.

One source claimed that the sprawling villa complex used by the Nwanze family previously belonged to Imelda Marcos, but that could not immediately be confirmed.


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