Monday, 29 November 2010

Ban Ki-moon must go - he's a liability!

a Nordic diplomat speaking at a reception held at the UN, with a glass of red wine in hand, said that Ban Ki-moon's involvement in past failed Sun-shine-policy towards North Korea, as well as his failed engagements in Myanmar, Haiti and lately with Human Rights issues in China, have made him more of a "liability for many western countries".

The Nordic diplomat stated that wouldn't be a surprise that "many member to throw their support to either current president of East Timor or for a "one-term-only" for Helen Clark (former PM of New Zealand)".

The Nordic diplomat explained that Ban's failure to "institutionalize real change in the UN, reorganizing and bringing more transparency, while reducing costs in a tough economic times" is seen as another important management failure of his "Korean team".

In view of recent Wikileaks releases, the Diplomat said that "is expected that Ban will use this publicity to get votes from american foes as well as those friends that are unhappy with the content of the leaked documents", but the Diplomat thought it might be counter-productive because many donors have already made up their mind on "discontinuing Ban" for other reasons.

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