Thursday, 2 July 2009

Did Rob Vos let down Sha Zukang ? Or the dutchman is incapable to deliver?

A year ago in the town meeting Sha Zukang said:

It was agreed that there is a need for improving leadership skills and management training. I invite you to provide concrete elements to be included in a Department-wide training strategy. Rob Vos, please help me on this matter.

12 months have since passed and the dutchman has done nothing to "help" Sha Zukang to achieve his promises.

Knowing Rob Vos and his "capacities to deliver" we question ourselves if he simply:
  • is incapable to deliver the tasks bestowed upon him;
  • or not willing to assist an Asian USG and wanting Sha Zukang to fail in his job;

Knowing that Jomo is on it's way out (soon) and that Stelzer is poorly performing, maybe letting down the office of USG in achieving results could be a strategy of Rob Vos to achieve greatness and reach the ASG level this fall. Let's see....

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