Tuesday, 30 June 2009

UN says: Ban Ki Moon ranks second in world poll behind Obama (but can it be true ?)

Ban Ki Moon's machinery is at the lowest of the lowest levels of his career, and this can be seen at today's newest trick of 38th floor to convince the world that Ban Ki Moon ranks second after Barack Obama as the world's most confidence-inspiring political leader. This shows the level of fear the Korean machinery is under and the frustration Ban Ki Moon is feeling specially after The Economist, Financial Times and Foreign Policy articles.

Who ever did this poll might be messed up in his/her brain - I really have doubt these people have seen Ban Ki Moon's face or heard him speak. Because Ban Ki-moon with his face and the way he communicates can inspire many things, but confidence or/let aside leadership.

We were very curious about the methodology used by WorldPublicOpinion.Org in this poll, and we are bringing it live here as is. Without UN spin.

Check out which countries have the most confidence in our Ban Ki Moon !!! WHAT A SCAM ARTIST !!! GO HOME BAN KI MOONNNNNN !!!


Assessing Leaders Worldwide 2009

June 29, 2009

Publics marked with an * excluded from the average for that question.

Q1-CE6. Now I am going to read a list of political leaders from around the world. Tell me how much confidence you have in each leader to do the right thing regarding world affairs - a lot of confidence, some confidence, Not too much confidence, or no confidence at all.

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