Wednesday, 25 March 2009

CAIMED - Millions of dollars sinked into the sea of Naples on fake project/activities

the name is Center for Administrative Innovation in the Euro-Mediterranean Region, location is Naples or Napoli the "garbage" and "gomorra" capital of Italy.

It's aim was noble to create: 

An open space for the exchange of information and knowledge on innovation in public administration in the Euro-Mediterranean Region. Jointly managed by UNDESA (United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs) and Formez (Training and Study Centre), Caimed is an On-Line Regional Centre of the United Nations Global Network on Public Administration (UNPAN)
but so far except a couple of failed regional meetings and round tables, the multi-million Euro project ended without any tangible results.

Instead the only substantive result was to spend 87% of its budgets into fake Project Officers , Support Administrative Staff and Consultants - whom actually never worked a single day at the Naples Center. The Chief Technical Advisor of the Project instead of being located in Naples/Italy as per the agreed MoU with Italian Government ended up seating next door to Guido Bertucci in New York, thousands of miles away and managed to visit the project only twice during its 5 years life span. 

Most importantly in a latest review has become clear that Bertucci, De-Tomassi and Oveissi awarded the MoU to Formez (the Italian Counterpart NGO) without any international bid nor competitive process. 

Millions of dollars were let go without any final evaluation nor a final-exit report. Hundreds of thousand of dollars spent in Project Assets were "disposed" without any care resulting in almost a quarter of million dollars in "write-off". 


(Including a totally illegal and non-existent Catherine Gazzoli,

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