Thursday, 19 July 2012

UNESCO Funds King Saud University Desalination Chair in Riyadh

UNESCO funded a water desalination research chair that will be based at King Saud University in the desert kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization funding of the chair in Riyadh will help officials assess “long-term decisions involving capital necessary to avert any shortage of water supply and resources,” the university said in a statement.
Saudi Arabia, whose oilfields hold a fifth of the world’s reserves, aims to use solar energy to desalinate seawater and build nuclear reactors as it seeks to cut the amount of crude it burns in generators for power and to increase water supplies.
Saudi Arabia has almost 30 desalination plants in which salt and minerals are extracted from seawater and transported through 2,500 miles of pipelines, according to Ziad Aldress, Saudi’s ambassador to UNESCO, who said the new chair will help boost the desalination industry

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