Thursday, 6 October 2011

UN Whistleblowers Get Salaries for Silence

by Tom McGregor @ (Click for story)

Many wonder if the United Nations is corrupt. They hear many stories of allegations of corruptions, but rarely do whistleblowers speak on-the-record about these allegations. Well, that’s because the United Nations uses American taxpayers’ dollars to pay the salaries of whistleblowers.

Here’s the strategy all UN employees are required to sign non-disclosure forms when they get hired by the U.N. They are offered a generous salary with benefits. They can’t get fired for incompetence, but they can get fired for whistle-blowing on the UN.

If a UN employee is discovered to expose corruption in the UN then they lose their good salary and do not qualify for a pension that keeps them quiet for the rest of their lives. But if a pension isn’t good enough, the UN has a system in place that allows whistle-blowers to file a lawsuit with the UN bureaucracy.

This lawsuit is clever too. When reaching a settlement, the UN finds out how much they must pay the whistle-blower to stay silent and reach an agreement through a non-disclosure settlement. UN employees even receive salaries for not working, so long as they don’t speak on-the-record with the media.

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