Friday, 5 August 2011

Ban Ki Moon revenge day: Sha Zukang will not get another term - his contract will expire 4 days after Rio+ Conf

Ban Ki Moon is known for his deals behind the scene, and this time he did it again. In what sources say is a coordinated "agreement" with Chinese Amb. at the UN, Ban's Office has managed to get rid of Sha Zukang.

As a part of the deal Sha "would be allowed to terminate his five year term", but in the meantime pressured (mostly by Europeans) members of WEOG, (who see DESA as a G77 deals shop) Ban is about to force on DESA major restructuring.

As one EU Diplomat said: "Italians, Indians and Russians and more recently Chinese clans have had fun for more than three decades with this place, now is time to bring it back to its initial mandates...or there will be no more money for them". The same diplomat said that is"unacceptable for a department where half of D1/D2s are either Indians, Pakistani or South-East Asian". "How can anyone trust a department where you have a USG (Sha), an ASG (Jomo) and at least 10 D1/D2s from either China, India and Pakistan do the right thing or even understand the development needs for rest of the world?...It just doesn't make sense. There is no geographical distribution nor equal representation".

Many at Ban's office describe Sha Zukang tenure so far as "out of touch" and a "disaster for DESA's role in development". One very close collaborator of Ban's says: "Sha would better perform when he's drunk".

Meanwhile sources say that Sha Zukang is angry and that he might decide to cut short his term even before Rio+. All seems will be decided in Beijing...very soon!

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