Thursday, 5 May 2011

The 10 Most Powerful Women at the United Nations

In charge of budgets of over $5 billion, capable of mobilizing resources and 100,000 staff worldwide. Responsible for the coordination of thousands of peacekeepers in conflict zones throughout the world, and leading negotiations for the release of child soldiers in Uganda.
Talk about power.
Although there are many actors within the UN system making a positive impact in the international public sector, the 10 women featured here have a level of institutional power that is unprecedented in UN history.
These women are at the head of departments and agencies working to ensure that the right resources get to those who need them as swiftly as possible. They hail from countries all over the world, hold degrees in law, medicine, engineering, political science and military strategy, and have worked in positions as diverse as a senior manager at IBM, a Managing Director on Wall Street and the president of Chile.
Here, are the 10 Most Powerful Women at the United Nations.

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