Saturday, 4 April 2009

SCANDAL: UN's Public Administration Expert is phony !

the scandal surrounding the phony Public Administration Expert who represented :
  • Mexico at the UN's highest Expert Group on Public Administration for 8 years;
  • United Nations in Mexico as UN Public Administration Advisor for 4 years;
is a PHONY - FAKE expert.

Questions are arising as how can a person without:
  • PHD in any related Public Administration areas;
  • Publications in any related Public Administration areas;
  • Leadership or High Level Managerial expertise in Public posts;
can become a United Nations High Expert in Public Administration and deserve a post within the Highest recognized body, mandated from the UN's General Assembly to formulate World Policies on Public Administration and assist UN Member States in reforming their Administration?????

Yesterday Haiyan Qian met Mr. Aponte in her office for 45 minutes. While we don't know what was discussed, we presume and wish that Ms. Qian had the guts to tell this charlatan, to stay away from the United Nations, and return all the money he illegally received in past years for services never performed/accomplished.

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