Thursday, 4 December 2008

Nitin Desai - an internet guru and Special Advisor to SG for "Internet governance"

Nitin Desai is well know to not have written a single line in his computer - while at helm of Un-DESA for ten years. Now he advises the Secretary General on "Internet governance". 

In a recent Forum in India, Desai and current ASG - Sunduram were advocating the importance of internet and need for "internet for all". Since Desai is indian, the meeting had to be held in India and had to praise the Indian government for their "achievement in internet era".

In his opening remarks to the Forum, Assistant Secretary-General for the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), Jomo Kwame Sundaram, noted that the Forum has become a valuable tool for forging a common understanding of complex Internet issues from diverse points of view.

Mr. Sundaram noted that with an estimated 1 billion people on course to gain access to the Internet in the coming years, it is essential to ensure that people with disabilities are taken into account.

“The access needs to take into account the diversity of the world’s population, the diversity of languages but also the diversity of people with different abilities,” said Mr. Sundaram.

Nitin Desai, added that multilingualism is key as most of the expansion of Internet use is taking place in developing countries, where the English language and Latin script are not used.

While there are millions of young indian experts that could contribute within DESA and provide best-practices around the world - DESA has to continue to keep in payroll Desai so he can retain his G4 visa as well receive DSA for his "valuable" services.

Is this the contribute DESA is bringing around the world? What a shame!

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